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Buying Local Honey

Below is a list of local shops which stock honey produced by our members

Steven Cronnie Family Butcher
87 Queen St, Newton Stewart
01671 403877

McIntyre's Butchers
2 North Main St
01988 402435

Some of our members also sell some of their surplus honey 'from the doorstep'. This is usually after the first harvest in the late spring to early summer, and again after the main summer harvest. It is very dependent on the conditions of the season as to whether there is a surplus to be taken from the bees. Often this sells out quickly and 'when it's gone it's gone'

The members named below have told us they currently have honey for sale.
Prices vary, but typically range from about £5 - £10 a jar, depending on the size and the type of honey, and yes, we know you can get it for 89p a jar in Aldi.
Heather honey is usually the most expensive and tends to be the last honey of the season.


See dedicated website:

Walled Garden Honey

John   01581400339


Honey now sold out – more available later in the year.


Over wintering Nucs for APRIL 2022.